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Au sujet d'une rigolote étude de la mouvance anti-agriculture Conv/OGM destinée à faire peur.

We gratefully acknowledge the families that participated in this study. We thank Dr. Rosemary Castorina, who provided technical guidance in this manuscript and Georgina del Valle, who helped in different stages of this project.

This work was funded by Friends of the Earth U.S, United States.

Author statements
Asa Bradman, Ph.D. is a volunteer member of the Board of Trustees for The Organic Center, a non-profit organization addressing scientific issues about organic food and agriculture and is also a member of the USDA National Organic Standards Board. Bradman also advises organic and conventional food producers on issues related to pesticides.

Kendra Klein, Ph.D. is Senior Staff Scientist at Friends of the Earth U.S."
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